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Loads of high quality desktop backgrounds of all kinds of things - patterns of nature, water ripples, bark, stones, leaves, urban textures, landscape and flower backgrounds. Basically interesting desktop backgrounds for your computer, iPad, iPhone or smart phone.

All the background wallpapers are free to use as personal desktop wallpapers - no account, no logging in, no fee.

New Backgrounds

Fresh new pictures are on the New Backgrounds page. There's also a very interesting collection of abstract patterns - and Fractal Art - totally unique.

If you're looking for 'wider' pictures of nature - then please visit my other web site

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artistic wallpaper backgrounds

Artistic Backgrounds

Colorful processed photographs with and artistic 'painterly' feel. Very nice desktop wallpapers in this section.
free abstract backgrounds

Abstract Backgrounds

Extreme close up photographs of unusual things, producing unique and colorful backgrounds for desktop.
beautiful desktop backgrounds

Beautiful Backgrounds

Scenic desktop backgrounds, all the beautiful things in nature - landscapes, waterfalls, animals and flowers.
water backgrounds

Water Backgrounds

Free desktop backgrounds of Ripples, Reflections, Waves, Weirs - close ups of water patterns.
Flowers and plants close up Background Wallpapers

Flowers Backgrounds

Details from within flowers and plants. Close ups of petals, stamen, seeds, flower heads and pollen.
beach wallpaper backgrounds

Beach Backgrounds

Free desktop background wallpapers of Beaches, Sand and Shells with the odd few waves thrown in for good measure.
cloud and skies backgrounds

Clouds and Sky Backgrounds

Desktop backgrounds of clouds and sky patterns. Everything from dark storm clouds to wispy cirrus.
Wood, Bark, leaves and tree wallpapers

Trees and Leaves Backgrounds

Desktop pictures of trees, lots of woody things - bark patterns, leaf textures, fallen leaves and old decaying wood.
Stones, Rock and Pebble screen wallpapers

Stones, Rocks, and Pebble Backgrounds

Desktop wallpaper backgrounds of the colors and textures revealed in stones, rocks and pebbles.
black and white wallpapers

Black & White Desktop Backgrounds

Desktop background pictures in Black and White.
outer space wallpapers

Space Desktop

Pictures of planets, galaxies, stars and moons.
star wallpapers

Star Desktop

Desktop backgrounds of stars, galaxies, stars and nebula.
fractal art backgrounds

Fractal Art Backgrounds

Computer generated fractal art patterns.

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